About the school

The Ascent International School came into existence in year 2003 under the aegis of Nitya Educational Society which was formed in the year 2000 by the professionals in varied areas of interest. Realising the importance of a premium school offering quality education to the children of the marginalized group, farmers and other section of wards in Greater Noida. The school is now open to all children irrespective of their parents professions.

From the time of its inception, the school has excelled in academics as well as co curricular activities. Currently there are over 1200 students from varied backgrounds studying in the school.

The school ethos सा विद्या या विमुक्तये means that one only can get liberation through education. The objective of the school is to assist the students to unfold their talents and to help them to grow to the highest possible arena for each individual. Their physical, mental, spiritual, aesthetic growth are to ensure. One constant endeavor is to develop communicative skills, leadership qualities and life skills such as problem solving, goal setting, self-confidence and decision making by involving them into various activities in and outside the school.

We also aim to achieve high academic excellence alongwith child’s holistic development like team work, concern for others, to be in harmony with nature. We are trying to inculcate values and also provides them numerous opportunities to learn and grow.

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